Are you seeking to establish a thriving online community, breathe new life into an existing one, or enhance communication with your target audience? Count on my expertise backed by proven tools. Explore my comprehensive range of offerings, including workshops, consulting, online courses, and complimentary services.

Let’s work together to create impactful connections and elevate your community-building efforts.

Let us work together to achieve your community goals

Take advantage of my offer and let us jointly unleash the power of your internal and external communities. Expand your reach, strengthen customer and employee loyalty, and benefit from an engaged target audience ready to share your messages, reinforce your brand, and improve collaboration within your organization.

Optimize your community strategy

Are you looking to build an online community from scratch, revitalize an existing community, or improve communication with your target audience? I will support you with proven tools and tested expertise to attract members, maintain meaningful relationships, and strengthen community bonds. Click here to schedule your free initial consultation.

Workshops & Training

To effectively develop your online community and achieve your company or organization’s goals, I offer the best of both worlds: expertise and practice. I work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor my workshops accordingly. With my extensive experience in building and activating communities, combined with comprehensive strategic understanding, we create effective opportunities for growth, dialogue, and engagement with your target audience together. 

As a community strategist, I specialize in assisting businesses, government agencies, and organizations in developing community strategies that maximize their audience engagement. I recognize the importance of community building to forge valuable relationships with customers, employees, and stakeholders. My workshops are designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to build and expand your community.

Boost your community engagement with customized workshops and training!

In the following you will find a selection of my offers. All workshops are individually tailored to you. Your topic is not listed? Then we will find a solution for that too. All training courses are available in English and German.

The workshop descriptions are in German.

From Idea to Reality: Building a Community or Not

Building and Activating Customer Communities

Handling Difficult Comments

Building and Activating Internal Employee Communities

Developing a Learning Journey for Community Management Staff

Navigating through a Social Media Crisis

Building and Activating B2B Communities

Successful Customer Dialogue in Social Media

The Role of the Community Manager

Let's achieve your community goals together

On-site or digital

In German or English

Combined with follow-up consulting

Find out how we can work together to develop your community and improve communication with your target audience


Building a community and engaging with your target audience can be a challenging endeavor. With my years of experience in building, organizing, and growing online communities, I can provide targeted advice to help you navigate this complex field. Secure your free consultation now and discover how I can help you build a successful community!

I will assist you in building a strong community within your organization and engaging in successful communication with your target audience. I bring proven success and in-depth knowledge to help you create and maintain a sustainably active community. From strategy development to community engagement tactics, my tailor-made solutions will take your community further. In the end, you will achieve your community-building goals while maintaining a healthy relationship with your members. Don’t miss out on the power of a committed and loyal community. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and learn how I can support you.

The new book

Online Community Building for Beginners

Whether you have a background in community management or are just embarking on this journey, this book will guide you towards an active community. Offering practical steps and valuable insights to promote enthusiasm, loyalty, and sustainable growth in your community. You can order it here oder buy on Amazon.

Online Self-paced Courses

Online courses are an excellent way to learn more about community building. In collaboration with Richard Millington from FeverBee, I offer various courses ranging from basic introductions to in-depth strategies. Sign up for an online course now and expand your knowledge in the field of community management!

With the right course, you can even gain a solid understanding of community building fundamentals from the comfort of your home, laying a strong foundation for building and managing successful communities. The courses combine videos, readings, and activities to provide you with a hands-on learning experience. Whether you’re building a community for your business or simply looking to learn more about community management out of personal interest. The courses are in German. For english courses please visit the FeverBee website.

Free Services

In addition to my workshops, training, and consulting, I offer various free services:

Community Canvas Model

Free Initial Consultation

Free Consulting

Let’s work together

Free Initial Consulting

If you’re seeking professional community management, strategies for community building, or ways to engage and foster dialogue in social networks, I offer a 30-minute consultation for free. Whether you’re looking for tips on building a community from scratch, a guide to addressing your target audience, or information on specific community topics, I am here to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and experience.

Let’s work together to achieve your community goals. Discuss your questions and book your free initial consultation now by simply using this form.

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My monthly German newsletter contains helpful tips and best practices for community building, ways to increase community member engagement, and promoting meaningful dialogue. This ensures your community and engagement continue to grow.

The newsletter topics focus on the importance of building a strong community within your organization, as well as valuable advice on community dialogue and better interaction with your target audience. The newsletter is in German.

ask me questions about all aspects of community management

Ask me Anything Community Management

Whether you’re a new community manager looking for tips and tricks or an experienced professional seeking advice for a specific challenge, this session is for you. In my “Ask me Anything Community Management” sessions, we discuss your specific goals and challenges, and you receive valuable advice on how to achieve them.

Building and growing a community

Moderation and conflict management

Engaging and retaining members

Using social media and other tools

Additionally, I occasionally offer special exchange rounds focusing on a specific topic, allowing for in-depth discussion and exploration, such as selecting the right software or the intricacies of internal communities. The sessions are in German. With my extensive experience in community building, I am here to support you in solving problems related to communities.

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